Finding Relevance

Imagine walking through a route for the first time and you miss your way. However, you eventually find your way back to the right path. When a child is born, he/she does not know anything – they are so free, innocent and real (laughter, tears, and pains). But as they advance in age, they become knowledgeable and responsive to their immediate environment. At a certain point in a man’s life, he’s naive of things around him. The existence of a man is not how related he is to prominent people, but how relevant he is to his environment.

How do you explain Relevance?
The level at which something is related or useful to another thing. In ranking, it’s the most important thing to be attended to before any other. It can also be defined as something extremely significant and cannot be overlooked or ignored. Your relevance is placed on advert as a reference when you change a role or give an extra effort. The day people stop talking about you, that day you lose your relevance. When people stop calling out for you, you can kiss your value goodbye. As many times as your name stop appearing in the search engine, same time you become irrelevant.

How do you Find yourself?


Lewis Carroll said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Others believe this narrative “Any way is a way.” You lose focus and direction when you choose any way for yourself. In fact, you can be lost.

Identity is the quality, belief, personality or expression that makes a person. There is Identity Crisis (a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person’s sense of identity becomes insecure). For example, you have no knowledge of your best subject, favorite food or color, you have no idea of what you want to study as a career, some other times you question your appearance, or background and nationality. Finding your identity is very crucial to knowing who you are and being relevant in the society.


IMITATION: Imitation brings Limitation and causes Frustration. It can occur from mentoring or role model. A mentor guides you through your career, relationship, or spirituality. Mentors can make a journey of 30 years become 30 days. Mentorship can be abused when you plan to become like the person mentoring you. Whenever you imitate your mentor, you promote them and lose your own identity in the process, and at that point, you lose the ability to discover and develop yourself. At the same time, when you live in another man’s shadow, you kill your own existence. “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”

― Marilyn Monroe.

SELF-ESTEEM: Self-esteem is another cause for identity crisis or loss of identity. It describes a person’s overall sense of self-worth or personal value. In other words, how much you appreciate and like yourself. Some people lose their identity through a self-esteem issue. When you feel that you are not measured to the standard of others, you feel rejected, or things not working out in your favor, you have a self-esteem problem. Another self-esteem problem is when some seem not to be satisfied with their color, career, relationship, or financial status.

Limiting yourself prevents you from exploring, as you always see yourself as a mirage. How you choose a career determines your esteem. You can be excellent with artistic work, but for the sake of your friend in science, you conclude that science students are more intelligent. Some other folks feel nudity is a definition for confidence, light skin means beauty, being tall is most acceptable. But being real, being yourself, and authentic dignifies Identity.

BACKGROUND: The family you come from can affect the efficacy of your identity, most especially when choosing a career, relationship, and religious belief. Concerning education, family background normally excludes factors such as climate in the family and interrelationships among family members. Parents’ hopes and expectations regarding children’s education and parenting style are enforced, whereby the child ends up depending on parental approval for every decision.

DISCOVERY: It is a basic notion that when you identify a chair or table, you already know it has legs. A quote says, “The common thing in this common world is a common sense and a common man is required to set and achieve a common goal in a common world.”

A display of your identity is a discovery of your personality, which means that your ability to identify yourself has given you same ability to discover who you are, your strength and weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. In conclusion, discovery is proof of identity, you are called what you call yourself and how you present yourself. Thomas Edison, the scientist who invented the electric bulb discovered a need, Mark Zuckerberg, the initiator of the Facebook app discovered a need to be connected to the global world. In other words, discovery lies in your strength. When you are able to discover yourself, you find your identity, and your identity makes you relevant in life.

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